Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week in Review

Zoe has fit right in as a member of the family. She not a fan of having to wear her "panties", but tolerates it well. She does however roll on the carpet in an attempt to get them off.

Her and my other dogs and the cats get along great. We have nicknamed her the "fun police". No one is allowed to have too much fun without her being involved. :)

Zoe and I will be looking into starting some obedience classes once she's out of season. She heels nicely but when we stop she turns to look at me and stack. I'm working on teaching her to sit when we stop. She looks at me like "lady what is your problem? I'm doing it right, you're the one messing up". I would say she's a show girl through and through. :)

Here she is in her Large/XL dog box. We went to buy one for her and this was the only size they had in stock, so she gets queen sized accommodations.

She has adopted the hedgehog for her own toy. It will only be a matter of time until I'm picking up its innards from the carpet. :)

We took Zoe over to visit Minnie yesterday. I was able to get this picture of them. (Please excuse Minnie's color. She had a bath a week ago, but she's a farm girl who loves to get dirty)

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