Monday, July 18, 2011

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good-

Zoe is out of heat. My house is back to normal now. While I don't have any intact males, my JRT thought she was pretty cute. Other times Zoe thought he was the pretty cute one and would try to have her way with him. Nice to not have to ref the two. :)

Zoe got a knuckle bone yesterday. I actually bought two one for her and one my GSD mix, however Zoe is sure they are both for her, and Girlfriend just allows her to have them. I however don't think she needs both seeing how they are almost the size of Zoe's head!!

Mmm... Tasty!

She loves the "extra" bits there are to get off of the bone.

The Bad-

Zoe starting having accidents in the house. First was on my bed in the middle of the night and then she had a second one in her "panties". The second one was only an hour after she had been out for a potty break. After the second mishap I made her an appointment at the vets. I was unsure if the potty issues was due to stress of living somewhere new, trying to establish dominance over me or my husband, or if there was a medical reason for it. So before deciding she needed to be re-housebroke off to the vet we went. Good thing we did. Poor girl had a bladder infection! So she is now on day 8 of a 14 day course. I'm happy to report there has been no peeing in the house since she started the antibiotics! :)

The Ugly-

Minnie had lump. Started out small and was noticed on the 7th. By the 14th it was the size of a golf ball. Then what seemed like over night it got MUCH bigger! It was about as wide as my hand and stuck out about the size of half a tennis ball. So off to the vet she went. The vet lance it and out came blood and serum. Vet's guess is she got pinched in the neck when playing with other dogs and it just grew from there. She's draining and healing now and has a shaved spot on her neck. Thankfully she will be healed in time for her Rally competition in Bandon the first weekend in August.

I didn't get any before pictures, but here are the afters.

Poor resolution on this one, I had my camera on the wrong setting.

Here's another shot

You can see what swelling is left in this shot.

And so long as you're not taking pictures of it, she's still a happy go lucky girl.

Random Photos-

Zoe at my parents house.

Zoe attempting to be a pointer.

Even at my parents house, Zoe is queen of the couch.


  1. Poor Minnie!

    Hope to see you - and her - in Bandon.

  2. We look forward to seeing you there. Zoe will be making the trip as well. See you then!