Friday, January 21, 2011

Minnies upcoming debut events

Minnie is going to have a very Valentines day weekend. There is Rally being offered in Albany that weekend. We had originally planned on entering all four days for Rally but that has changed. We learned that there is going to be a AHBA herding event going on in Eagle Point that weekend as well so will be driving back and forth between both. On Friday Feb 11th she will be doing Rally in Albany. On Saturday the 12th she will be doing the beginning herding clinic and the first leg of the HCT. On Sunday back to Albany we go for her to do Rally. Then on Monday the 14th we have enrolled for a private herding lesson with the Judge from the events on Saturday. She is going to be a busy, busy girl. We plan on lots of pictures to mark the occasion. We are very excited for the big weekend!!!