Monday, March 26, 2012


Everyone is doing well here. Flyer is growing like a weed. I've had to adjust his stacking stand again and had to buy him a new collar (still the same "bada$$" collar, just bigger) :) Flyer was a naughty puppy and earned the nickname Gravel Gut. He decided that the DG we have was tasty and had consumed enough to give himself an upset tummy. X-rays showed just small pieces of DG (decomposed granite) and no blockage, so it just had to pass. He's all over it now and is no longer eating DG. You wouldn't even know it had happened except the shaved forearm from his IV.

Crescent is preparing to go home. I meet Terry in Albany this weekend. It's been a blast having him here for the past several weeks. There will be an emptiness in the house without him as he has made himself a part of the family. Here are some pictures I took with my cell phone of him and Flyer playing.

Minnie is doing good. She is starting to show changes. She has bright pink/enlarged nipples now. She is starting to loose her waist. She no longer wolfes down her food, but takes her time eating now instead. The other animals are starting to treat her different as well. The cat will come and curl up with her along with her "mortal enemy" the Yorkie. She seems to be less energetic and isn't able to jump up on the taller couch easily anymore. Minnie is also licking us non-stop. I would say signs are pointing to yes she took. Time will tell for sure. Very much looking forward to her due date of April 25th.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Flyer at 12 weeks

Flyer is twelve weeks today. He is a busy boy that keeps you on your toes. This morning during one of his potty breaks he was eye balling the sheep. :)

He is a growing boy. I have already had to move the rear support on the stacking stand back since we got him home. Here are the pictures we took this morning. The side shot is a bit off as I had his rear end closer to the camera on the stacking stand.

This face is courtesy of a kibble he's working on eating. :)