Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Minnie HCT Leg 1

Herding pictures and video from this weekend.

Saturday and Monday were working sheep days for Minnie. On Saturday we attended a beginners herding clinic and HCT test and then Monday was a private herding lesson. These were put on by the Snowy Butte ASC in Eagle Point, Oregon. The clinician/judge was Roy Sage who Glenn did herding years ago with Minnie's great-great-great-great grandma, Dixie, years ago. Turns out Minnie's LOVES sheep. On Saturday she earned the first leg of her HCT. She will have no problem filling the paws of Dixie and Gabbie when it comes to herding. In fact Roy made the statement that Minnie should come along faster than Dixie did. We are so excited to do more herding in the future and will be working on getting Minnie some sheep of her own over the next few months. Below are some pictures that were taken of her first time in the ring with sheep.

"Here sheepy, sheepy, sheepy"

This is the video of her actual HCT test. This was not her best run of the day. They brought in fresh sheep that turned out to be very light and one kept breaking off. She stuck with it and never shut down. After her test was done they swapped out the one ewe that kept breaking off.
Ok after fighting with it, I can't get the YouTube embed code to copy and past and when I type it in manually I get an error.
So I will make yet another post with the video. :)

Results and Pictures of Rally this weekend.

Minnie had such a big weekend. She spent Friday and Sunday doing Rally in Albany, Oregon. She was going to earn legs towards her Rally Novice title. Glenn and Missy both handled her in the Novice A division on different days.

Here are the photos of Minnie and Glenn on Friday-

Getting focused before going into the ring.

Making their way through the course.

Minnie and Glenn after earning their qualifying score of 91 points and 4th place!

On Sunday she was handled by Missy.

Just after this picture was taken she broke her sit, causing us to redo the station for a 5 point penalty.

Minnie's come front.

Back steps and call forward.

Our weave cones.

We didn't place this day but are happy to report still received a qualifying score of 81. So she now has 2 legs toward her Rally Novice title. Just one leg to go. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Minnie's Halftime Report

So far so goo and this long weekend's events. Yesterday Minnie competed in her first ever Rally class. She place 4th with a score of 91 for her first leg towards her RN.

Today was sheep day. She has found her true calling. She is seems to be a natural. She qualified today for her first leg towards her Herding Compatibility Test.

Pictures were taken of both events and I also took video of the HCT. I'll will post them later after our weekend events are finished and I get to a faster Internet connection than I have at home.

Tomorrow we go back to Albany in hopes for another qualifying RN score and then Monday Minnie has a private herding lesson scheduled.

More to come later. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Here comes our big weekend!

Minnie has a big weekend ahead of her. As I type this she is in Albany with Glenn for her first attempt at her first leg of her RN title.

Below are a few pictures I took a couple days ago of Minnie and some of her favorite friends, Glenn's Border Collie/McNab Rocket, and my German Shepherd X Girlfriend.

A scequence of them playing fetch.

She may have the shortest legs, but she has no trouble keeping up.

Rocket stalking something

The Tongue-O-Meter at work.... we use it to gauge level of tiredness.

Minnie expressing how she truely feels.

"Ima gonna get ya"

"Who me? I wasn't doing anything"

Now it's Rockets turn.

Just hangin out...

Such a happy girl. :)