Friday, February 11, 2011

Here comes our big weekend!

Minnie has a big weekend ahead of her. As I type this she is in Albany with Glenn for her first attempt at her first leg of her RN title.

Below are a few pictures I took a couple days ago of Minnie and some of her favorite friends, Glenn's Border Collie/McNab Rocket, and my German Shepherd X Girlfriend.

A scequence of them playing fetch.

She may have the shortest legs, but she has no trouble keeping up.

Rocket stalking something

The Tongue-O-Meter at work.... we use it to gauge level of tiredness.

Minnie expressing how she truely feels.

"Ima gonna get ya"

"Who me? I wasn't doing anything"

Now it's Rockets turn.

Just hangin out...

Such a happy girl. :)

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