Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Results and Pictures of Rally this weekend.

Minnie had such a big weekend. She spent Friday and Sunday doing Rally in Albany, Oregon. She was going to earn legs towards her Rally Novice title. Glenn and Missy both handled her in the Novice A division on different days.

Here are the photos of Minnie and Glenn on Friday-

Getting focused before going into the ring.

Making their way through the course.

Minnie and Glenn after earning their qualifying score of 91 points and 4th place!

On Sunday she was handled by Missy.

Just after this picture was taken she broke her sit, causing us to redo the station for a 5 point penalty.

Minnie's come front.

Back steps and call forward.

Our weave cones.

We didn't place this day but are happy to report still received a qualifying score of 81. So she now has 2 legs toward her Rally Novice title. Just one leg to go. :)

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