Sunday, June 26, 2011

Minnie's mini family reunion...

Minnie and I went to Eugene and met up with Garrett. It had been a year since he had seen her. He got to spend some time looking her over and seeing how she's grown. Minnie was also reunited with her mom for the first time since I flew back to MN and picked her up in Feb 10.

Minnie chilling in the parking lot.

Daughter and Mom side by side.

I didn't get many pictures of the girls there, but I am excited to report that Minnie's mom Zoe came home with us. Minnie lives with Glenn and Zoe is living with me, however we only live 1.9 miles apart so there will plenty of "family get togethers"

Zoe laying on the dog bed she has claimed for her own.

Bandit seems to think Zoe smells good.

Zoe getting some belly rubs.

A different picture of Zoe on "her" dog bed.

Zoe hanging out on the couch with Robert.

Zoe is cat broke... ignore the glair in the cats eyes, I believe she is telling me to share my pancakes if I value my life. :)

Bandit trying to get Zoe to play soccer.

She decided she'd rather ref. :)

And then take the ball for her own.

Ok we can play together.

And then he got the ball back.

Hanging out by the laundry room steps afterwards.

Thank you again Garrett for letting us take her home. She could be a better addition to our family.


  1. Zoe is truly a beautiful dog. Lucky Glenn!

  2. Oops - Missy gets Zoe, Glenn gets Minnie.

    Well, luck both of you!

  3. Thanks Ron. I lived at home until November then bought a house. Minnie stayed with Glenn and I decided my house needed a corgi and was luckly enough to get Zoe. She's a great girl!