Friday, May 28, 2010

We are the champions....

of the sit stay competition at class that is. Minnie did great. I put her on a sit stay in the middle of the room and proceeded to walk around her spiral outwards until reaching the edges of the room. She stayed seated there the whole time waited patiently for me to return to her. She was the only one in her class who stayed the whole time. I'm so proud of her. She also learned a down stay last night and we kicked up the sit stay a notch. She learned to do a sit stay while I move away from her w/ a chair and place it somewhere to sit down. Then get up, circle the chair and return to her. She mastered that in no time. Within 5 minutes I was able to take the chair to the otherside of the room to sit it in, and she stayed exactly where I told her to. Can you tell I'm proud? =) Minnie and I will have to postpone our graduation since we aren't able to attend class next week due to me being in Salem for 2 weeks at the Academy for work. So instead we are set for a June 24 final class

I took some video of her tonight playing with dogs where we're housesitting. They were taken w/ my cell phone so the quality may not be the best...


  1. I am totally impressed with the "stay action" by you and Minnie. I don't think her brother got her "stay" gene although it probably is my problem. Way to go, Minnie!!!

  2. Cute video. I bet Minnie is wondering what's wrong with those tall dogs anyway. Did they miss Frapping 101 in puppy school? :-)

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