Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gabbi and Minnie Updates

Minnie is doing good w/ her obedience classes. She likes to learn but gets bored easily. I did however figure out that she LOVES to work for hot dogs! She has learned to sit, down, walk nicely on leash. This week we are working on heal, come and stay. She's a quick learner. =)

Gabbi's update isn't so good. The second tumor we found is growing in size. So unfortunately she still has cancer and it wasn't isolated. Now to look at her and how she acts you'd never know. She is still her happy, bossy, alpha dog self. So at this point all we can do is make she has quality life. When it comes to the point in time where she no longer does, then it will be time for us to say goodbye. Here's to hoping that's not anytime soon!

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  1. Here's hoping you have lots more time ahead with Gabbi... :)