Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Minnie is enrolled in school...

We start our 4 week obedience class tomorrow. It's been about 8 years since I've done any obedience classes. At that time I took my Jack Russel who ended up being the star of the class. Hopefully Minnie will be just a receptive. She's a great dog but is very much a busy body. She walks nicely on a leash as it is right, but does need to learn heel. Glenn and I hoping she will master her down. If she does, it'll be a nice change for Glenn to have a hearding corgi with a down, seeing how that wasn't her great-great-great-great grandma and great-great-great aunt's strong point. =)


  1. LB has done puppy class. He could stand to do the first obedience class, too. If my son takes is dog, I will take LB. Minnie is a fine looking young lady. I especially liked the picture of her and her aunt. I think Beaver had his first tummy ache yesterday afternoon. He ate something bad and threw up and then laid around looking sad. By evening he was back in "battle mode", so I think it was just a quick tummy thing.

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