Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 7-The morning routine

In the mornings Minnie goes out for a potty break.  Afterwards we go back in and it's time to change the bedding and weigh the "Minis".  We start off by moving everyone to a seperate basket so I can changed out the bedding in the pool. 
 After I change the bedding Minnie hops back in the pool to keep an eye on the puppies as I weigh them and then return them to the pool.
(I believe in this picture she was trying to tell me to quit with pictures and get on with weighing)

Then they must eat, because after 5 minutes from mom they are starving.  Just look at that belly on top.  Poor starving thing, not!

Then it's time for the next morning nap.  Rough life I tell ya.  :)

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