Monday, April 23, 2012

The Comeback Litter

We are excited to announce the birth of what we are calling the comeback litter. This is the first litter born at Spyrock in about 15 years!

The first puppy, who we are calling Deja Vu, was born at 12:55 pm yesterday afternoon. After she was born Minnie has some intermittent contractions, but after 4 hours she still hadn't had the second one. I was able to feel the pup but it just wasn't progressing. We called the vet and off to the clinic we went. Dr Jean examined her, determined she was unable to clamp down enough with her uterus so a C-section was in order. Surgery was uneventful and all babies survived.

Here is the first puppy born and only one that came naturally-
Deja Vu/Female/Birth weight 10.7 oz

The following are all born via C-section. Puppies came so fast that I don't have a "true order". We were all busy drying and making sure airways were open. So here is the order I picked them up and weighed them.

Boomerang/Male/Birth weight 15.4 oz!

Rebound/Male/Birth Weight 13.4 oz

Echo/Female/Birth weight 13.4 oz

Karma/Female/Birth Weight 12.3 oz

Yo-Yo/Male/Birth weight 13.9 oz

Revival/Female/Birth weight 13.0 oz

I'm happy to report that everyone is doing everything they are supposed to. Puppies haven't lost any weight since last night and some have gained up to .4 oz. Will try to keep posting daily pupdates. :)


  1. Nice lookin babies. Partial to Karma already for obvious reasons.

  2. Beautiful babies!!! Can't wait to see them grow!!!

  3. Beyootiful baybees.

    Face shots, please.