Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pictures of a 2 year old Minnie... and some of her family

Today we went over to visit Carolyn and Tom at C-Myste. Since Minnie turned 2 on the 29th of November we decided she needed some new photos, her last stacked one's being taken when she was a year old. She still has a bit of wave to her coat, but I figure not bad for using my personal hair dryer. HUGE thanks to Tom for taking the pictures and to Carolyn for baiting and stacking her. It wasn't an easy task as Minnie was sure she was supposed to sit and not stand.

Here is her off-side

"Are you sure you don't want me to sit?"

Her show side.

On the move.

She's sure Tom has something tasty for her.

Afterwards it was time to learn a new trick.

Zoe got to come as well. She hadn't been to Carolyn's since Minnie was conceived. She just helped herself like she was just there yesterday.

Daddy and Daughter photo.

Minnie say's sometimes after all that seriousness, you just need to be a goof!

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  1. Beaver says, "Hi, to Mom and happy late birthday to Minnie." Beaver is our communication director. He has much to say about just about anything. I call him "Beeper" most of the time. He is a happy goof and a total playmate to our fluffy girl.