Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cardi Claus and OFA

Wow, the girls and I received so many wonderful things from our Cardi Claus, Krystal Durre and The 7 Dwarfs.

Here is a shot of all the wonderful things that were included. There are some wonderful treats, a couple stuffed toys, a leash holder, scarfs, mix to make to more treats, a pin, and of course an ornament.

Here is another shot of all the items. The treats were made by Krystal herself. The treat mix and scarfs were made by MacroniMade on Etsy.

This wonderful pin cardi/sheepy pin made by Emily of DreamEyce.

A beautiful leash holder made by Krystal's husband. It will be my husbands job to hang it up this week. :)

Our lovely ornament which is painted to look like Zoe.

Here is Minnie showing off her scarf.

Then she noticed Rudolf and decided she must have him!

"Who me? I didn't steal anything..." (please excuse the lemon blossoms on the carpet)

Meanwhile Zoe was hoping her new trick would earn her more treats.

But then Zoe noticed Minnie and Rudolf and had to investigate.

Then Zoe stole him, such a mean mom. ;)

So Minnie decided to play with alligator instead.

Zoe continued to chew on Rudolf, but ended up dropping him.

"Ha, she dropped him!"

Minnie then reclaimed him and took him to be with the alligator under her watchful eye.

In other news we got Minnie's OFA results back. I believe you can click on the picture for a larger image, but it states her elbows are normal and her hips have been rated as Good.

It's been a great week for us!

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