Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vet Visit

So we had our mobile vet out yesterday. For those of you who don't know, we use Dr. Kraft and my sister is one of her vet techs. Well they came over yesterday afternoon since Gigi needed her Rabies shot, Gabby needed a follow-up from her surgery, and to look over Minnie and start her on her Lepo series of shots. Well this was Jaclyn's (my sister) first time meeting Minnie. Minnie came aboard the rig and just sat on the exam table. She just sat there quitley taking it all in. Jaclyn and Dr. Kraft tried to play with her, she just sat there. They gave her the shot, she just sat there. After awhile she stopped just sitting there and laid down for a nap instead. Afterward my sister told Mom and Glenn, well jeez you could have at least gotten a puppy w/ some personality... lol We explained to her that she has TONS of personality. Well a little while after they were done Jaclyn went into the house were Minnie proceeded to see her come in and greet her in a very wiggley fashion and tried to play w/ her. Jaclyn then got to see her being the happy-go-lucky Corgi we already know she is.

Gabby's checkup didn't go quite as well. =( For those of you who don't know about 3 weeks Gabby was diagnosed w/ breast cancer essentially. We had the tumor removed along w/ that portion of the mammary and had her spayed at the same in hopes that it would keep it from spreading. Dr. Beth said she's had some that 3 years later are still cancer free and others where it's back in a month. Well yesterday they found another tumor. So now we have to watch and see what it does. I'm not sure if it's just developed since the surgery or if it was there pre-surgery and we just didn't know. Either way it's a constant reminder no matter what, our time w/ Gabby may be limited. Cancer or not she will be 13 this year.

Here are some photos of Gabby I took a couple weeks ago w/ my phone...

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