Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sheep and Ears

Minnie got a new toy last week, a big fuzzy sheep (stuffed that is). It is her new favorite toy. If she's not sleeping or chewing on a rawhide she's packing that sheepy around and tossing it about! Bandit appreciates the break in playing that this sheep has created for him. She seems to be partial to stuffed toys of the sheep variety... perhaps it started w/ the little lamb that traveled back from Minnesota with us. Her lamb sleeps in her crate w/ her at night. Let's just hope she likes real sheep as much as she gets older.

Her ears started to fall over on the outsides so she got taped again last night... I think she was hoping if she stayed real still we may not see her...

Afterwards she went and got her lamb out of her crate to comfort her as she pouted on the kitchen floor...

It's just so hard being a Cardi puppy... =)

1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness she is SUCH a pouter like her mother and sister!!

    I had to retape Ava's and Alamo's ears tonight too. Must be the teething thing. So cute that she got the first sheep out too :)

    so cute.

    Her mother's work ethic with the sheep and cattle is spot on, so let's have fingers crossed with Minnie and Ava too!