Thursday, July 30, 2015

Introducing the Second Chance Litter

The second chance litter was born yesterday evening.  Naveen free whelped 6 puppies from 5pm to 9:40 pm.  I thought there was a seventh puppy so at 2 am we were loaded up and headed to the ER vet.  False alarm.  I still don't know what I was feeling but palpatation by vet and xray confirmed that there wasn't anymore.  All puppies are doing great.  They have all gained 0.9 to 1.1 oz since their birth.  Naveen is a great mother.  She is so attentive and careful with them.  She's what like to see in a mom.

The pictures aren't the greatest but without further ado here they are, in birth order....

Black and White Girl 11.0 oz at birth

Blue Merle Boy 12.4 oz at birth

He also happens to have a marking that looks like a tugboat, There is another picture further down that shows it a bit better.

Black and White Girl 10.1 oz at birth

Blue Merle Boy 11.4 oz at birth

Blue Merle Boy 12.8 oz at birth
Hard to see in the photo but about a third of his face on the left side is black

Blue Merle Boy 12.1 oz at birth

Who may also be the coolest puppy ever the bat signal on his back!

And for those of you not on a facebook here are some photos taken yesterday as they were being born

Another view of the tug boat. 


  1. Beautiful face markings on the boys.

  2. Beautiful face markings on the boys.

  3. Oh so very cute. Pictures! I am Marge G. and filled out an application for a pup, though I realize they might even all be already spoken for. Looks like you have a happy brood! Thanks for the pictures.