Saturday, April 12, 2014

Post Puppy Party with Pictures

We had so much fun with this years puppy party.  A big thanks to everyone who came.  It's always great to get together with friends, new and old, and share in the puppy snuggles.  The puppies had a blast as well.  Afterwards they crashed hard and slept!  

Here are the pictures of them taken today.  They aren't the best stacked photos, but after playing outside for 2 hours standing on a table was the last thing on their minds. 
 Yakama has gone to his new home in Gresham, Oregon


Cahto has gone to his new home in Vancouver, Washington


Chippewa will be headed to his new home in Stevenson, Washington in 2 weeks.

Kalispel has a potential home in the works.

 Osage will be headed to Winston, Oregon on Tuesday with his new family.

Nez Perce

I don't think this picture is a very good example of him.  He was sure there was other things he could be off doing.
 Nez Perce will be going to live in Yakima, Washington later this month.

and last but not least....

 Navajo will be staying here to grow up.  :-)

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