Monday, March 17, 2014

4.5 Week Photos

Here are 4.5 week photos of the pups.  My schedule didn't allow for 4 week photos and I'll be out of town at a show in Vallejo for their 5 week photos, so I decided to split the difference.  :)  There not the best photo's but is there really such a thing as a bad puppy pic? ;-)  When I get back from Vallejo I will start working with them on the stacking box so we can start getting an idea on structure.


His markings remind me of Flyer here


"Lady, this iz boring!"


Working on his puppy dog eyes

She may be the smallest, but holds her own with her brothers

Usually the first puppy to greet me when I come over and never stingy with kisses!

Here he is channeling his inner Eeyore 

Nez Perce

We're leaning towards tan pointed.

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