Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Puppy Day!

Minnie decided today was the day.  Her temp was dropped this morning when we took it so we called the vet.  The vet wanted to see us at 11:30.  Between the time her temp was taken and it was time to leave for appointment she was panting off and on and had a mucous discharge.  We took her in and we (us and the wonder Dr. Jeanie) decided it would be best to go ahead and just do a C-section since last time she had uterine inertia and was she was even bigger this time.  At 12:30 we had puppies.  All 7 (6 boys, 1 girl) puppies were born alive and well weighing from 13.9 oz to a Spyrock record breaking 17.1 oz!!!!

Without further ado here they are, our Native American litter.....

Male 13.9 oz

Male 14.2 oz

Male Mismark 16.2 oz

Female Mismark 15.1 oz

Male mismark 15.1 oz

Nez Perce
Male Mismark 14.8 oz

Male 17.1 oz!!!

Now the question I might need help answering is if any of these pups are tan pointed.....

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