Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rose City Results and Flyer's Hip X-Ray

We had a great time at the Rose City Classic in Portland this last weekend.  Mantra was entered all 4 days, Crescent was entered on Thursday and Friday, and Flyer was entered Saturday and Sunday.  Thursday and Friday Mantra was first in her 6-9 puppy class (of one) but nothing further.  Crescent showed very well and Thursday and Friday but there were some great dogs there.  No placements for him.  Saturday came and there was competition in Matra's class.  Mantra took 2nd that day.  Flyer showed great!  He ended up receiving WD and BOW.  WB was the puppy who beat Mantra and went on to be awarded BOS.  On Sunday Flyer showed well again but it wasn't his day.  He took second in his class.  Mantra was awarded first in her class and went on to take RWB!  So proud of my puppy!

This puts Flyer at 13 points (I think) with one major.  Just one more major and he will be finished!

Here is the cell phone version of his win photo from Saturday.

I also had a photo of Mantra done since this is her biggest win, or near win, yet and I have no show photos of her.

Today we took Flyer in and had his x-rays done for his PennHip rating.  We will have the results in 2-4 weeks.  Unfortuntally the PennHip vet doesn't have digital X-Rays but I did take a photo of the one view with my cell phone.  Any thoughts?

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  1. Look pretty nice to me! Congrats on Flyer's nice win. :) He'll be finished in no time!