Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 23 - Jail breaks are fun!

 The puppies have decided the new cool thing is to jail break.  After I remove everyone and change the bedding I put them back one by one after looking everyone over and spending some snuggle time with them.  Well today's new game was to bail from the box that was open while I was working on replacing everyone.  
They say they know there is a great big world out there and they are ready to explore it!

Echo making a break for it.

Boomerang decided he'd try...

...but then decided he needed to rest up halfway through.

Finally Rebound, Karma and Boomerang found themselves free of the box....

...only to be stuck behind bars still.

Karma decided her brother is a butthead.

maybe if I make cute, googley eyes she'll let me out.

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