Saturday, February 11, 2012

Agility Practice

We've had a fun few weeks with girls. On Jan 28th we started taking some beginner agility lessons. We decided it would be good for the girls especially since herding isn't an option right now with the new lambs. They have been having a blast! Today was lesson 3 and here are video's of the runs at the end of the class.

First up is Zoe.

Then it was Minnie's turn.

This will be their last lesson for awhile. Minnie is starting to come into heat (YAY!) and that means no more classes for her. Zoe isn't going to go either as we have a couple busy weekends ahead of us including getting Minnie bred. :) We will go back to agility in the future though, it's just too much fun for both us and the girls.

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