Thursday, January 28, 2010

Intro to Us The Dogs

We are located in Grants Pass, Oregon. We are a family with a love for herding dogs, especially Caridigan Welsh Corgis. Currently we have 3 herding dogs.

First is our dear Gabby, a 12 y/o blue merle Cardi. Gabby is very special to our family. My step-dad, Glenn Schieffer, was the breeder of her mom and has had Gabby pretty much all her life.

Then stepping out of the world of Cardi's, we come to Rocket a 5-6 year old Border Collie/McNab cross. Rocket loves to herd. Since we don't have any sheep at the house he has made it his job to make sure that there no "tweety" birds to be found on the property. He makes sure he runs them off... however because of this we have learned to not leave ladders propped against the barn. =)

And now we come to Gigi, our 2 year old McNab. We have hope for Gigi being able to enter the competitive world of herding. However when first introduced to sheep she did really good for a minute or but then got distracted by the sheep poo so we weren't sure how that was going to turn out. We haven't taken her back to the sheep in awhile, but it may be time now. She has recently decided that she like herding the mini-donkeys at our house when she can find a way into the pen, however I'm pretty sure the donkeys don't find it as fun as she does. =) Below are pics of her taken around 6-9 months when she was more puppy like.

Now we are expecting a new addition next week, but I'll save that for then.... =D

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